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    We are back from the 2021 Spring Festival Holiday---Xi'an JCF Herb

    To our valued customer: Thanks for all of your support on the past 2020, and it is you that make us better and better;it is you that make us more and more professinal; it is you that make us feel all our efforts is worthy. Here we would like to give the best wishes to you all, and hope you will got everything smooth in the coming 2021. 2021 is the year of OX in Chinese. The ox is a symbol of power and AIDS the career.The ox represents bright, domineer and innovative, which can help people project authoritative energy and strengthen people's decisiveness. It has a great effect on the take-off of the career. It is suitable for people who are struggling hard and striving towards their goals. It is also a symbol of good harvest and wealth.Spread the custom of whip spring cattle, in order to persuade farmers to start farming, cattle placed the hope of a bumper harvest, but also look forward to the coming year good weather.Cattle are also useful, especially for those who work part-time to earn a living outside their regular jobs. They are especially beneficial to their fortunes.Is the stock market, real estate, finance, finance and banking and other people's desks must be prosperous wealth of treasure. So let us get together,and make a brighter road in plant extract field. Thanks again for all of you.

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    An emerging hot ingredient--Bakuchiol

    Today we have a new ingredient, the name of it is bakuchiol. After all, it has been around for decades. It is not a "C" or even "old". But in recent years, bakuchiol oil has been mentioned more and more by people. Of course, if you really take a look at the market, you will certainly find that domestic brands have not used it, generally some foreign cosmetics companies are using it.This is because at present, CTFA does use psoralen as a cosmetic raw material, and it is included in the 2010 edition of International Catalogue of Standard Chinese Names of Cosmetic Raw Materials by China Flourishment and Chemical Association, but the 2015 edition does not have psoralen as the standard name of the raw material. Therefore, now we are talking about psoralen, is mainly used in some foreign products. Leaving the issue of regulation aside, let's go back to the component itself: What is Psoralen? What's the use of psoralen? How does it compare to other ingredients? What is Psoraleol? Psoralea, also known as broken old paper, is an erect annual herb in the legume family whose fruit is used medicinally.The results showed that there were a lot of active components in Psoralea, including coumarins, flavonoids, monoterpene phenols, etc.Psoraleol is a monoterpene phenolic compound isolated from the seeds of Psoraleol. Psoraleol is the main component of the volatile oil of Psoraleol, accounting for about 60%. The structure of psoralenol is similar to resveratrol, and its effect is similar to retinol, but it is better than retinol in terms of light stability. It also has some anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, acne removing, whitening and other effects. Anti-inflammatory, bacteriostasis, acne elimination First let's take

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